We build great companies via long-term commitment and strategic growth

Gallery Company LLC

We're not your average holding and investment firm. Founded on the principles of visionary entrepreneurship and a track record of success, we've been making waves since 2010. With a diverse portfolio of businesses under our belt, each one excelling in its own right, we're all about excellence.

What drives us? It's simple, a dedication to building strong, sustainable companies. We're a family-owned and operated business, and that personal touch is what sets us apart. With over 40 years of experience behind us,
we're experts at turning big ideas into profitable ventures. 

Meet the Founder of Gallery

At our core, we embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and operational excellence.

Our founder, Alex Rojas has spearheaded the development and growth of multiple thriving enterprises spanning commercial services, maintenance, and construction sectors.

We firmly believe that our hands-on experience as effective operators enhances our capabilities as discerning investors..

Our Approach


Targeted Collaborations

We adopt a focused approach, seeking to partner with a select number of service companies at any given time. This enables us to provide genuine support to the companies we collaborate with. We are deeply involved in driving operational and growth initiatives within our companies.


Operational Efficiency

We assess areas where additional investment in enterprise technology, employee incentives, and incremental workforce will enhance operational efficiency. Gallery prioritises financial planning & analysis, product management, and business support to bolster capacity and enable our teams to focus on core business operations.


Hands-on Partnership

Recognising the significance of a company's culture, people, and processes in its success, Gallery works closely alongside existing leadership teams and employees to steer organisations towards continued prosperity.


Driving Expansion

With a proven track record, Gallery excels in securing reputable clients for our partners by participating in RFP processes and leveraging our extensive industry connections to secure new business opportunities. In addition to customer acquisition, Gallery Company spearheads organic expansion into new markets and territories.


Long-term Commitment

Our financial investments provides the flexibility to focus on the enduring success of service companies. We steer clear of financial manipulation and prioritizing short-term gains through turnarounds. 


Strategic Growth

Gallery assesses strategic acquisition opportunities with the aim of deepening customer relationships, broadening service offerings, and expanding our geographic reach. We take a cautious approach to subsequent acquisitions, ensuring the integrity of the business remains intact.